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A fanfiction -- a social critique -- a warning.


the future has not yet been determined

The premise of CLAMP's manga and anime X/1999 puts the Apocalypse in the hands of a fifteen year old boy, Shirou Kamui. His choice between saving humanity and saving the planet is complicated by his own indecision, his own lack of information. Epic is a fanfic by mithrigil that updates the situation--what if Kamui had been given ten additional years, to make an informed decision?

Epic explores the political and social climate of the late 200x, the same way the original X/1999 canon discussed its era, and the cast of the canon is ten years removed. The government clerk is now a representative in Parliament; the Sergeant, a Major General; the whore, too old to sell herself. And Shirou Kamui is twenty-five, a young professional, who has had ten more years to come to grips with what he is, and what he has to do...

Though it makes advances upon reality, Epic is a work of fiction...unless humanity wants it to become truth.

Please join the community to read the fic serially. mithrigil will post scenes at regular intervals, and encourages all commentary and criticism. The community is also a place to post fanworks, discussions, research, music, and anything else related to Epic, and all community members are welcome to post.

There is also the option to request the entire fic in two PDFs--Book One, Epoch, and Book Two, Epigraph. If you do request this, there are two criteria: one, please do not spoil those reading the fic here serially, and two, it is suggested (but not required) that you gift Epic back, whether with fanart, icons, or simply advertising the fic in your own journal.

To request the .pdf for Book One, go here.
To request the .pdf for Book Two, go here.

To begin reading Epic serially, go here instead. New chapters will be linked at the bottom of each previous post, and are also accessible in order through the tagging system.

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